Mark Tan



Ice Age

Hi there,

Things have been busy for me.  The animation for Peanuts has wrapped, and I was carried onto the next project: Ice Age 5!  I am still getting acquainted with each character (there are so many!) but so far it has been fun.


Blue Sky Studios

There has been a lull on the updates for my website. The reason is that I have been working at Blue Sky Studios since January on Peanuts. I had to cut my Animsquad class short, but I still have one more piece I am working on in off hours. Keep animating!


“I don’t wanna be here” animation

This is the first animation completed for the Animsquad Expert workshop. I wanted to go for something a little more contained and natural when it came to acting choices. The animation took a little over three weeks to animate and render. Have a look!

Here is the video reference I used:

Reference Video for “That was acting” animation

Hi there, just thought I would share the reference video progression for the “that was acting” clip. I went through multiples changes and it was quite exhausting doing numerous takes with lots of movement. The final animation is below for comparison.

Final animation:

Trampoline Animation

Hi There! My first post for my new website. This animation was completed on the side while I was doing other assignments for Animschool. I wanted to experiment with physicality and contrasting body types. The heavy set man was supposed to be an expression of effort while the skinny man was an expression of talent. More animation posts to come!